In partnership with several leaders in the Los Angeles Orthodox community, JUDJ has developed a series of resources for your Passover table:

  1. A one-page Passover Seder Supplement, “Because we were Strangers”, to bring to your Seder table a Jewishly informed discussion of contemporary immigration and refugee issues, and;
  2. An accompanying one-page text study guide, “Because we were Slaves”.
  3. Additionally, we have an expanded, 21-page, Passover curriculum and study guide available here.

See below for suggestions on how best to incorporate the supplement into your Seder.

study guide text study

Download our one-page JUDJ Seder Supplement and one-page JUDJ Study Guide for use at your seder

When you invite the “other” into your home at the  “Ha Lachma Anya”  you can introduce this Supplement.  Then, you can ask these four questions either at the same time the Four Questions arise in the Haggada, or you can ask them as follows:

  • Question #1 can be asked at the “yachatz” when we break the middle matzo as it is about making room for others.
  • Question #2 can be asked in the middle of the telling after the Four Sons when we begin to reflect on the conditions, locales and practices of our ancestors.
  • Question #3 can be asked  when you arrive at the section of the telling that speaks of our historical vulnerability– “MY father was a wandering Aramean” .
  • And, Question #4 can be asked almost anywhere in the Haggadah .

For our expanded, 21-page, Passover curriculum and study guide, click here.

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