JUDJ Passover Supplement on immigration and refugees

As Passover approaches, Jews United for Democracy and Justice (JUDJ) is pleased to join with partners in the Orthodox community to distribute this educational supplement for use as you prepare for and celebrate Passover. Researched by Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, Dean and Rabbi of Yavneh Hebrew Academy, the supplement explores the deep concern in Jewish tradition for the immigrant, refugee, and stranger. Through a rich array of classical and modern sources, the supplement suggests that we consider that our own freedom, which we celebrate during Passover, is not complete without the freedom of all humanity.

JUDJ is a broad coalition of Los Angeles Jews committed to upholding the principles of democracy, justice, and equality that anchor the American ideal. JUDJ speaks with a Jewish moral voice, insisting on tzedek (Justice) and herut (freedom) for all in the challenging times we face. For more information about JUDJ, please go to http://www.judjla.org, or write to us at info@judj.org.

With warm wishes for a good Passover,

JUDJ Steering Committee: Janice Kamenir-Reznik, Mel Levine, Shawn Landres, Dan Loeterman, Samantha Millman, David N. Myers, Glenn Sonnenberg, Zev Yaroslavsky, & Sam Yebri

In partnership with:
Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn of Yavneh Hebrew Academy,
Rabbi Ari Segal of Shalhevet High School,
Rabbi Abraham Lieberman YULA Girls School
Rabbi Arye Sufrin & Rabbi Dov Emerson YULA Boys School
David Rubin, Alan Gindi, Seth Berkowitz, and Irwin Weiss, M.D.

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